Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Iran's Nuclear Gamble: Boldness vs. Prudence

[First Draft, February 7, 2006]

Iran’s Nuclear Gamble
Boldness vs. Prudence

Ali-Asghar Kazemi

Keywords: International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Iran's nuclear crisis, crisis management, U.N. Security Council.

.. . . . . . . Now that the nuclear case is going to be considered by the U.N Security Council, the best option is to review the case under Chapter VI of the Charter. This will give a chance to all interested parties to further seek peaceful solution to the situation and avoid a harsh decision that could destabilize the whole region and the world. In other word, the West should endeavor to engage in a fair non-zero-sum game with a positive outcome in which neither side feels defeated.
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The Weird Child of Democracy

[First Draft January 2006]

The Weird Child of Democracy

Ali-Asghar Kazemi

Abstract: Democratic process in the Middle East is paradoxically giving way to the resurgence of fundamentalism. Hamas victory in recent Palestinian elections, along with similar occurrences elsewhere in the region is witness of this drift. This trend is apt to upset the prevailing fragile order and political balance by further instigating the long conflicts and hostilities in the Middle East.
Keywords: Democratization, paradoxes of democracy, fundamentalist movements, Middle East, Palestinian elections, Hamas political victory, Peace process, Moslem Brotherhood.
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