Saturday, February 12, 2011

Quantum Politics: New Methodological Perspective

Quantum Politics
New Methodological Perspective

Ali Asghar Kazemi

Tehran- February 2011

Recent events and escalating crises at the start of the year 2011 throughout the Arab states of the Middle East and North Africa, from Tunisia and Egypt, Libya to  Yemen, have truly shocked observers, researchers and specialists who missed the symptoms of these fundamental shifts. It appears that traditional and existing theories have not been able to predict the development of  unexpected changes in the region. This paper is an attempt to explain the matter through new methodological approach built on chaos and quantum theories.
If you are among those students of politics and international relations who are fed-up ‎‎‎with enormous numbers of theories, methods and paradigms in these fields, try to ‎‎‎understand this last one exposed in the present short essay. It may help you to view ‎‎and discuss political phenomenon in a different new way. Of course, the novelty of ‎‎this approach may make its comprehension a little bit difficult. Therefore, I don’t ‎‎guarantee that you will swiftly grasp the subject and make a research case of it. It is ‎‎suggested that the interested reader go through the whole text and references with ‎‎attention and repeat the process if necessary[1]. ......

[1] This paper is a follow-up of a previous essay by the author on “Dynamic versus Static Political Inquiry” ‎‎which was written last January 2011. It is suggested that the two papers be read together for better ‎‎understanding the subject. See: Academia  

* Ali Asghar Kazemi is professor of Law and -International Relations in Tehran-Iran. Students, researchers, academic institutions, media or any party interested in using all or parts ‎of this article are welcomed to do so with the condition of giving full attribution to the author and ‎Strategic Discourse. ©All Copy Rights Reserved.‎

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